September 26, 2016 at 02:24PM
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October already in just a few days...

Folks, It is that time of the year again--October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month--one that so closely strike a chord in my Skippyheart because my mother, by GOD's Grace is a breast cancer Survivor going for 11 years now, and I too am being checked every 6 months for being considered as high-risk for it.

Breast Cancer is very real and it is important to be aware that it could happen to you, or your loved ones.  Please do not let the ads and campaigns you come across to especially this awareness month, fall into deaf ears--Please participate, support the cause and be informed-- Remember, as with any other health matters, early detection greatly increases the success of your treatment and survival should you be diagnosed with breast cancer. Whoever you are [Men too]...

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